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Our Clients

Vibration Analysts, Inc. has a wide and ever-growing list of clients from nuclear and fossil power plants to hospitals, mines, chemical plants, oil refineries, precision machine shops and energy reclamation facilities.

Our clients are companies that demand long run times from their critical machinery (pumps, motors, fans, gearboxes, turbines, generators and compressors). They also require (and receive) an accurate analysis of their component vibration issues.

Our clients place a high level of trust in our analysts to keep their operations up and running. When our customers have a problem, it’s our problem. That's why we provide our ReVDAP customers with FREE 24/7 Technical Support Service.


Industries that benefit from the services we provide include:

  • Power Generation (Nuclear, Fossil, Energy Reclamation)
  • Chemical
  • Refineries
  • Mining Facilities
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Food and Beverage Processors
  • Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment
  • Department of Defense
  • Wind Farms
  • Casinos and Resort Hotels
  • Colleges, Universities and High Schools
  • General and Precision Manufacturing
  • Steel Mills and Metal Processing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Process Equipment Manufacturers
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

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