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Company Overview

Founded by Ray W. Rhoe, P.E., Vibration Analysts, Inc. was created with more than 100 years of combined vibration analysis experience and knowledge. Click here for more information about our founder.

Our Policies:

  • Provide all services in a professioinal and courteous manner.  
  • Never issue an invoice for more than the quoted amount.
  • Provide all required test equipment. If we don't have it, we'll buy it.
  • Always arrive on time, ready to do the job. 
  • Do the job better than anyone else, and for less.
  • Help the customer in any way possible 


Why We’re Different

What sets us apart is our recently designed and patented vibration data analysis process called ReVDAP.

ReVDAP is exceptionally powerful and provides an accurate and affordable alternative to analyzing data in-house. ReVDAP is offered exclusively by Vibration Analysts, Inc. and provides customers an exceptionally accurate, yet very affordable world-class vibration program. ReVDAP saves time and money by significantly reducing your PdM Program operating costs, while greatly improving equipment reliability. Compared to the traditional vibration programs, which have many limitations, ReVDAP provides ~99% accuracy in key program areas.

The main reason for our success is that ReVDAP is measurably superior to all other vibration programs in terms of:

  • Accuracy
  • Value and Affordability
  • Efficiency
  • Global Availability
  • Customer Benefits, including FREE 24/7 technical support, use of route data collection equipment and access to the vibration database software.

For more information about ReVDAP or its benefits, use the links below or call us at 815-742-1793: 

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