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Job Opportunities for Independent Consultants:

  • All US States
  • Must be ISO-certified Category II, III or IV
  • Pay Rate: $80 - 100 / hour (based on certification category) 

Vibration Analysts, Inc. is the exclusive provider of ReVDAP—the World's most powerful and accurate data analysis process. ReVDAP is measurably superior to all in-house vibration programs in terms of accuracy, affordability, equipment reliability, program efficiency and will meet the needs for any company in any location.

To support our rapidly growing business, we are seeking ISO-certified vibration analysts who are willing to provide contract work.

Analysts must be self-disciplined, responsible and able to communicate efficiently, clearly and professionally.  Analysts must be passionate about vibration analysis, troubleshooting component issues, component balancing, performing ODS and advanced testing, as well as receiving and providing technical training. Analysts must also be able to support occasional travel and have exceptional computer skills.

To join, candidates must be highly trained, experienced, and actively certified as an ISO Category II, III or IV analyst—preferably through the Vibration Institute's certification program. Additional consideration will be given to all candidates with a strong work history in vibration analysis, significant rotating component design and test experience, including those with an engineering degree. Candidates must also have access to a Windows-based computer, a quality phone line and a high-speed Internet (DSL or equivalent) connection.

If hired, candidates may choose their own work hours on an assigned day.

Responsibilities include:

As an added incentive, candidates may promote our ReVDAP process to local industries and any analyst who brings in a contract (we help with the process) will receive a sales commission and guaranteed analysis of that customer's data (contingent on exemplary work performance and maintaining active ISO Certification).

If you are passionate about vibration analysis, we want to hear from you. Email your resume to: VAI@infowest.com and state your level of certification in the subject line. (Example: John Doe - ISO Certified Category IV Analyst)