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What’s New?

24-7 Database Access:

Watch us grow!  

We are currently updating our computer hardware to include a new Global WAN System for our customers.  This new system will give customers free 24-7 access to their vibration database, as well as other leading vibration programs.

Not only will customers be able to depend on us to create, maintain and optimize their vibration database, but they will also have free access to other key programs such as a well known ODS/Modal Analysis program.  Customers will able to model their structures and components (or we can do it for them), collect and download their dataand animate the structure as desired.

Our new WAN system should be installed, tested and fully operational by January 2010. For more information, call us at 815-742-1793.


FREE Route Data Collection Equipment:

We provide top-of-the-line route data collection equipment to our ReVDAP customers at no charge. And to ensure our customers get off to a great start, we provide free on-site Data Collector Training (Continental U.S. only) during which time we will also:  

1.     Create your vibration database

2.     Ensure all data collection points are marked and in the best location

3.     Collect digital images (where allowed) to support future troubleshooting

4.     Collect all inital baseline vibration data

All a customer must do is collect the data and return the test equipment to us—we will do the rest.  We will download the data, analyze it and issue an electronic report.  

By providing customers with all of the necessary test equipment and access to a well maintained vibration database, each customer will save approximately $38,000 compared to managing their Vibration Program in-house.  


New Training Facility:

Vibration Analysts, Inc. has finalized the design plans for our new training facility that will be located two (2) hours north of Las Vegas. Plans have been submitted to the contractors and we are awaiting their bids.

Our new training facility will be built in the beautiful valley of New Harmony, Utah, midway between the majestic Pine Valley Mountains to the west and Zion National Park to the east. (The photo at the lower left below shows the view from the construction site.)

Our facility will include state-of-the-art training aids, a wide variety of rotating components and lodging will be available for those who wish to enjoy the local scenery.


2010 Training Calendar

Our 2010 training schedule is under development. To schedule training, Contact Us.


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